At AKAD, we provide reliable, comprehensive and holistic consultancy services to militaries, law enforcement agencies, NGOs, international agencies and commercial security entities. Our EOD/Counter-IED consulting is uniquely tailored to meet individual customer requirements regardless of the threat, country or region. Before team deployment to an area, our consultants carry out a full threat assessment, subsequently producing a clearance proposal that ensures the safety of all staff. Our subject-matter experts aim to give our clients cost-effective advice, as well as enabling them to make best-informed decisions. Whether addressing threat scenarios, defining organisational structures, conducting equipment analysis, or analysing training procedures, we support our clients every step of the way.

Whether in conflict or post-conflict zones, for humanitarian or commercial purposes, our team at AKAD brings you a wealth of experience in the planning, leading and delivery of high-risk search and clearance operations.



Iraq- Basra - Al Gadeer Dis, opposite Al Mahakem , Building No.2307/524 +964 780 109 6666

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