AKAD offers a broad range of relevant and effective demining/ EOD/counter‐IED standard training programs. We consult very closely with our international clients, including military and government entities, to design the training in accordance with their exact requirements, and taking the specific threats and theatres into consideration. At AKAD , flexibility is our hallmark, so we provide the training at a location of the customer’s choice globally (including in conflict zones).

All training is carried out by qualified permanent or contracted AKAD staff, who bring a wealth of practical experience from multiple theatres. The training programs cover all aspects of planning and conducting demining/EOD/IEDD operations for militaries, other government agencies, NGO’s, international organisations and commercial companies. All our training adheres to the standards as set out in the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).



Iraq- Basra - Al Gadeer Dis, opposite Al Mahakem , Building No.2307/524 +964 780 109 6666

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