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Part of the meeting of the Minister of Environment, Dr. (Jassim Abdel Aziz Hammadi) and the Director General of the Department of Mine Affairs, Engineer (Dhafer Mahmoud Khalaf), in which the delegated director of Akad International Demining Company, Mr. Shehab Mohamed Ahmed, participated in it, in addition to a delegation of directors of companies working in the field Demining, which discussed the obstacles and problems facing the companies working in this field, and proposed appropriate solutions to open up future work horizons and ways to improve it for the better. A quick appreciation for their efforts and their effective role in creating a secure and mine-free Iraq. Within this framework, we are pleased to extend our thanks to His Excellency the Honorable Minister and Director of the Mine Affairs Department for their support of our goals and mission in serving Iraq, and we affirm our keenness to strengthen the relationship of cooperation and integration with the aim of improving for the better



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